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Susan Stein provided us with excellent legal representation. Going into a lawsuit we didn’t know what to expect, Susan answered all our questions and was always available to speak to us. She made us feel very comfortable throughout the whole process. She also kept us informed and did exactly what she said she would do. We are very happy with the service she provided and highly recommend her.

It’s rare to find a lawyer of Ms. Stein’s caliber in today’s society. She brings to the table what all lawyers should bring: integrity, compassion, ethical practices, great listening skills, broad resource base, and a sense of humor. Ms. Stein has that special ability to make us feel as if we are her only clients.  Ms. Stein is representing us in ongoing family trust lawsuits, and we feel blessed to have her as our lawyer. Susan returns phone calls and responds to emails with lightning speed. She’s flexible in making face to face appointments and keeps our pocketbook in the forefront of her thought process. We love that she is always watching out for our highest and best interest by scheduling the “best economical” type of communication whether that’s email, phone, a conference call, or a visit to her office.  Susan gives us the peace of mind to continue on with our personal lives in the midst of our family trust and health issues. Susan is a true rare gem and we’re so grateful to have her as our lawyer.

I have used the services of Ms. Stein for the past 3 years. She has proven to be a great help to me for various legal situations that I could not handle by myself. She has been very fair handed in her dealings with me and I feel like she cared for me as a person and not just another client. Ms. Stein is very diversified in her knowledge of law and has many legal contacts with whom she confers. In particular, she has helped me with business contracts, family law issues, and she drafted my Living Will and Trust. Currently she is helping me with a Business Owners Association claim and an Insurance Co. lawsuit. In my opinion, Ms. Stein’s most notable attribute is her way of bringing two opposing parties together into mediation. She saved me a ton of money as I never ended up in court over real estate, family law, and personal business matters. I was referred to Ms. Stein by another attorney who I knew and respected. I went to him with the intent to hire his services but he was honest enough to send me to Ms. Stein as he did not practice in the field for which I needed a lawyer. He told me he admired Ms. Stein for her honesty and forthrightness. He was right and I am very happy he referred me to a very professional, knowledgeable, and caring attorney. I cannot say enough about her as she has helped me over many legal hurdles in the past few years.

Susan Stein displayed extraordinary diligence, knowledge and care during the settlement of my family estate. She was clear on what needed to be done and guided me through the process. Susan was thorough and patient answering my questions. There were never any surprises. Her support staff was always friendly and professional. Most importantly and quite simply she had my back through the whole process. Without reservation or qualification I recommend Susan Stein.

I was impressed with Ms. Stein who is persistent, efficient, and result oriented. She is an effective advocate, and I recommend her whole-heartedly.

I was given Ms. Stein’s name by a friend who is also an attorney, and he strongly recommended her. There were four attorneys involved in my case. A mediation, which was conducted at Susan’s office, lasted 9 hours. We finally came to an agreement. Interestingly, when Susan read the final agreement drafted by one of the other attorney’s after the mediation, there was a phrase in the draft which was not discussed or agreed to at the mediation. She had the lawyer re-draft this paragraph. During the two years of the lawsuit, Ms. Susan Stein had my best interest in mind at all times. She was always there to answer my questions, and her fees were affordable. I have recommended Susan many times to my friends, and all were pleased and thanked me for the referral! I was glad she was representing me!