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Resolving Legal Disputes Through Mediation

Not every legal dispute requires protracted litigation to resolve. In fact, throughout California most cases are settled before trial. One of the most effective forums in which negotiation can take place is mediation. Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution where the parties engage in face-to-face negotiations, facilitated by a neutral, third-party, frequently another attorney or a retired judge.

At the Law Offices of Susan D. Stein, we frequently use mediation effectively to help parties resolve conflicts amicably and fairly. Attorney Susan Stein is a certified mediator who can act as a third-party neutral in virtually any dispute. If you are seeking representation in a mediation proceeding, she can also help you prepare and negotiate on your behalf.

If you require mediation services or are seeking a lawyer to represent you during mediation, contact Ms. Stein by e-mail or call 714-795-2685 or toll-free 877-350-5958 to schedule an appointment at her Santa Ana office.

Why Choose Mediation?

Mediation is an open forum that invites the parties to address their conflicts in a managed discussion. It is common to have lawyers present to answer legal questions, negotiate on the parties’ behalf and draft a mediation agreement when the parties reach an agreement. Although mediation is not binding, parties tend to abide by agreements reached in mediation because those agreements represent the parties’ own resolution.

Mediation is virtually always much less time consuming then litigation. It is a great deal less expensive and allows for a more creativity in developing solutions that both parties can live with. During a mediation proceeding, court rules of evidence do not apply, and experts may be brought in to present information that is useful to the parties as they make their decisions.

If mediation is not successful, there is nothing to prevent you from moving forward to trial. All information and discussions presented during mediation are confidential and not admissible in court. Much of the preparation done for the mediation can be used trial preparation as well. In fact, most judges will suggest that or require the parties attempt mediation before going to trial.

Whether you need a mediator to handle your case or you want an experienced attorney by your side during mediation proceeding, attorney Susan Stein can help you. Contact her office by e-mail or call 714-795-2685 to schedule an appointment.

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