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Standing Up For Injured Parties

Personal injury law (also known as “tort law”) allows an injured person to get compensation when someone else is negligent or an intentional act causes that person harm and injury. There is a variety of different situations that can give rise to a personal injury case, although not every situation in which someone is injured is going to lead to liability.

If, for example, you have been injured in an auto accident which is caused by another or fallen as a result of a dangerous condition, Ms. Stein can assist you with recovering your monetary damages, including loss of earnings, compensation for your medical bills, and monetary damages for your pain and suffering. Ms. Stein has represented clients who have been damaged as a result of unauthorized use of the client’s photographs, clients who were struck by a truck while crossing the street, clients who were hit while riding their bicycles, and clients who slipped and fell, for example, upon entering a hotel lobby.

For any personal injury case, the first thing which must be determined is who is at fault. Sometimes, this is obvious, in the case of a negligent driver. However, in other instances, the attorney for the injured party must sort out who the responsible party or parties are, such as in the case of a defective product which causes injury, or the identity of the owners and possibly, the owners’ agents, of the property where a person has injured him or herself.

Again, Ms. Stein will almost always attempt to reach a settlement before “rushing to the courthouse steps.” She will tirelessly to achieve the best results on your behalf. If an acceptable settlement cannot be reached, Ms. Stein possesses all the necessary trial skills and experience.