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Experienced Attorney Representing Clients in Southern California For More Than 30 Years

The Law Offices of Susan D. Stein, located in Santa Ana, California, is where Ms. Stein has called “home” since 1987. Her office serves individuals and business clients throughout Southern California. Ms. Stein’s qualifications as an attorney, a certified mediator and a licensed real estate broker have proven to be assets to the firm in providing knowledgeable, sophisticated, yet personal legal representation to her clients.

Serving Clients’ Legal Needs

As a lawyer for more than thirty years, Susan Stein represents a clientele that includes corporations, individuals, landlords and tenants (commercial and residential), property management firms, mortgage brokers, and small- to medium-sized businesses. These clients trust that when future legal needs arise, Ms. Stein has the experience and diligence to resolve the matter effectively and efficiently.

When dealing with important legal issues that affect people both financially and emotionally, a client needs an experienced and skilled attorney who will provide committed and dedicated legal representation for their matter. Susan Stein provides the personalized and attentive service not always found at larger law firms. She works diligently with her clients to establish a legal strategy to meet their particular goals and accomplish the desired results.

In every case, Ms. Stein sees that her primary responsibility is to analyze the circumstances and then determine the appropriate remedy and strategy to accomplish their specific needs, whether the desired results are monetary or otherwise. She is always honest and forthright with her clients.

Strategic Resolutions: Litigation or Mediation

In some instances, the best strategy is aggressive litigation. In other instances, mediation may be the best option to resolve a legal dispute and satisfy the client. Mediation and other methods of alternative dispute resolution can help avoid stressful litigation and frequently leads to a “win-win” situation for all parties, saving her clients valuable time and money. Over the last ten years, Susan Stein has conducted numerous mediations, both as a volunteer and for-fee mediator, and serves on several mediation panels.

If a dispute cannot be resolved through amicable negotiations, Ms. Stein will thoroughly prepare the case for trial. Whether she is prosecuting for the plaintiff or presenting the defense for the defendant, she has a familiarity in the courtroom that is invaluable to clients. Ms. Stein is an experienced and knowledgeable trial lawyer who will fight for her client’s rights, while always remaining professional and acting with the utmost integrity.

Santa Ana Business Law Attorney

In a stressful legal situation, the Law Offices of Susan D. Stein can immediately appreciate and represent a client’s needs. Ms. Stein and her staff are always accessible and available to answer any questions of clients. The office provides a welcoming environment, with an experienced staff and the most up to date technology to assist clients.

For a consultation, contact Ms. Stein by e-mail or call 714-795-2685 or toll-free 877-350-5958.