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In the corporate and business world, every transaction, business relationship or agreement involves a contract of some form. No matter how complex or simple the agreement, it is essential that the contract contain all essential terms, stated clearly and specifically, in order to avoid costly contract disputes in the future. Not only does Susan Stein employ effective contract drafting techniques to create unambiguous contracts, she provides zealous representation in the event of a contract dispute and resulting litigation. She is concerned with her clients' interests and her clients' bottom line. To schedule a consultation with a skilled business lawyer, contact the Law Offices of Susan D. Stein.

Since 1982, Susan Stein has provided effective, knowledgeable legal representation to clients in Orange County and throughout Southern California. As a direct result of her litigation experience, Ms. Stein understands the complex legal issues that must be considered when drafting a contract, anticipating the issues that often cause a contract to fail, such as defaults in payment or some type of other failure of performance.

As an experienced business law attorney, Ms. Stein carefully examines the language in existing agreements. She can determine whether ambiguous language creates an "out" for her clients or a loophole that needs to be closed. When representing a plaintiff in a contract dispute, she analyzes the rights and obligations created by the agreement. Her experience, negotiation skills and fierce advocacy have proven effective assets in resolving contract disputes - either through litigation or mediation.

Serving the Needs of Business Clients - Now and in the Future

Ms. Stein has served a vast array of clients with contract disputes, including property management companies, commercial and residential property owners/landlords, real estate agents and brokers, contractors and subcontractors, buyers and sellers, manufacturers, distributors, and other small and medium-size business clients.

When litigation or other legal problems arise, the Law Offices of Susan D. Stein is prepared to provide the comprehensive representation her clients need to obtain the results they desire. Learn more about Ms. Stein's business services.

For experienced representation in a breach of contract dispute - or for skilled guidance in the creation of business or real estate contracts - contact the Santa Ana law firm of Susan Stein today. Call (714) 795-2685.

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